Choosing A Party

I want to say more about my switch in parties and running for the 30th District State Senate as a Republican.

Today, it is obvious that that neither party has all the answers or causes all problems. Independently minded people like myself, who try to avoid partisan bickering, don’t fit neatly into either party—we support issues and have supporters from both parties.
I have so many friends in the Democratic Party, but the Democratic Party has changed.

JFKSo, when I decided to run for the 30th District, I thought for a long time about which party I preferred. On the 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy assassination last November, I followed a discussion on whether President Kennedy, a moderate Catholic, would be welcomed in today’s Democratic Party.

That got me thinking--could Party heroes like a President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, or the evangelical Rev. Martin Luther King JR, be supported by today’s Democrat leaders and activists?  Before, I’d felt there was a place as the Party publicly promoted a “big tent,” and respected cultural diversity. Some leaders worked to insure that candidates like myself, had a place. Not anymore.

Today’s Democratic Party demands 100% adherence to its position on every social issue. Washington state voters have decided gay marriage and abortion laws through initiative and referenda at the polls. This is settled state law and it’s not my goal to change these laws. I am opposed to any discrimination or pressure against anyone on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, military status, sexual orientation, or disability.

But, I am Catholic and follow Church beliefs in these areas. It should not be a reason for being attacked, as I was during my 2012 race.

Today, I see the Republican Party vigorously debating its own flaws and its future while still promoting the diversity of its elected leaders here in Washington. The Republicans have managed to include both strongly conservative Members from Eastern Washington and Puget Sound moderates.

As a candidate knocking on doors, people often declared, “I vote for the best candidate, not the party.” I also support that principle.

I will continue to be a champion for accountability, justice for those in need, and prosperity for workers, businesses, and families. I will continue to work with, and challenge both parties when they fail to work together for effective governments, schools, and a just society.





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commented 2014-07-06 13:08:14 -0700 · Flag
Our modern democratic republic was established more than 200 years ago—the oldest democracy still in existence. The reason it still stands is the wise use of checks and balances in the system. Those checks demand negotiating and coming to a reasonable solution to current issues. Great presidents and representatives know how to do this hard work of negotiating very effectively. You go Mark!
commented 2014-03-26 22:56:52 -0700 · Flag
Thank you for leaving the Dem party that booed God at its national convention.
commented 2014-03-06 14:48:56 -0800 · Flag
Reagan has no place in the modern Republican Party because he raised taxes to support social services and compromised with Democrats; the modern Republican Party views this as heresy. Given that, can you honestly say, with a straight face, that the Kennedys and MLK would be welcomed?