Miloscia runs for state auditor to erase ‘shame and embarrassment’ caused by Kelley

Mark Miloscia was a Democrat in a 2012 free-for-all primary to replace longtime Washington State Auditor Brian Sonntag and came up short against the self-financed campaign of state Rep. Troy Kelley.

Miloscia, now a Republican state senator from Federal Way, is running again in 2016 to erase what he calls the “shame and embarrassment” that Kelley has brought to the office.

Kelley has been indicted on multiple federal charges related to his past business dealings. He has taken a leave — ignoring calls for his resignation by Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson –and wasn’t seen much around the office even before federal prosecutors lowered the boom.

“The office has been rudderless since Kelley’s predecessor, Brian Sonntag, retired,” said Miloscia. “As the next state auditor I will critically examine all government spending in a fair and nonpartisan manner in the same was Auditor Sonntag did for 20 years.”

Miloscia made another, more telling argument. With spending levels to agencies being restored after the Great Recession, government in Washington cannot afford — and cannot afford to tolerate — waste of any kind.

Miloscia is an Air Force Academy graduate, a former B-52 pilot and once studied management at the Kennedy School of Government. He served in the House of Representatives from 1999 to 2013.

Miloscia brought the values of a traditional Catholic faith to his work in public life, championing programs for the disadvantaged and the rights of labor, but also opposing abortion.  He was one of a handful of House Democrats in 2012 to vote against same-sex marriage. In so doing, he ran head-on into the fervent gay rights advocacy in King County’s very liberal Democratic Party.

When Democratic state Sen. Tracy Eide retired last year, 30th District Republicans welcomed him into the fold. He captured her seat by an impressive margin. Miloscia became state Senate Republicans marquee exhibit that theirs is an inclusive, big-tent party.

Miloscia says the office of Washington state auditor should be above all that.

“The auditor’s office should not be partisan,” he said. “Some hesitated to criticize Troy Kelley because of party loyalty. Partisan politics should have no place in an independent auditor.”

credit: Seattle PI

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