Mark Miloscia - Unquestioned Integrity

Mark Miloscia served seven terms in the State House, and was elected to the State Senate in 2014. He is now Chair of the Senate Committee on Accountability and Reform where he is leading efforts to improve government efficiency and accountability.

He has also worked as a substitute teacher for both the Federal Way Public Schools and the Seattle Catholic Archdiocese when the Legislature was not in session.

“We can’t afford to waste money. Every dollar wasted is one dollar less for schools or highway improvements. I learned how to get the most out of the taxpayer’s hard-earned dollar by auditing Boeing programs for the Air Force, and during my tenure in the State House and Senate," Mark says.

"Washingtonians are sick of seeing incompetence in their state government. Departmental mismanagement has led to problems like costly overruns with projects such as the Highway 99 tunnel and the Seattle seawall, and preventable lawsuits that have forced the Department of Social and Health Services to pay out over $160 million in the last eight years. We need to hold these people accountable, and stop further waste,” Mark adds.

“In the Legislature, I helped the homeless, protected taxpayers, initiated performance audits, and worked to address the unfair funding gap schools face.”

“I’ve spent my entire career making government more accountable and improving education. In the Air Force, I audited billion dollar contracts to prevent waste and abuse. I took the same approach to taxpayer dollars while in the legislature. I will not vote to see taxpayer dollars wasted or ineffective programs continued. I worked as a teacher and pushed in the Legislature to improve schools.” 

Miloscia has served as both a Democrat in the State House and Republican in the State Senate. He says he believes the State Auditor’s office should become nonpartisan.

“The Auditor’s office should not be partisan,” Miloscia says. “Some Democrats hesitated to criticize Troy Kelly because of partisan loyalty. Party politics should have no place in an independent auditor.”

Miloscia says his goal, as Washington’s next State Auditor, is to help make our local governments more effective so that they can provide better services for middle class families and our state’s most vulnerable citizens.

“First, we need to turn around the Auditor’s office after the past four years and then set new standards for performance and financial audits.  It takes someone experienced in government operations and quality management to get the job done.”

Sen. Miloscia, a former AF B-52 pilot, received an engineering degree from the Air Force Academy. He also has an MBA from the University of North Dakota, Masters in Clinical Psychology from Chapman University, and is a graduate of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Senior Executives in State and Local Government program.

Miloscia has been contract manager and a former executive at Tacoma Goodwill Industries and Federal Way Youth and Family Services.  He currently works as an emergency substitute teacher in the Auburn School District. Mark has been married to Meschell for 35 years and is especially proud of their three children, two children in laws, and six grandsons.


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