Federal Way Is a Diverse City

Federal Way has a changing and growing population -- far more diverse than most of Washington state. The Federal Way School District notes that 105 languages are spoken by their students.  

As a teacher for the past decade in our schools, I can say from firsthand experience that families here look to the schools as a key stepping stone to getting ahead. More statistics about the students here:

  • 64.7% are an ethnicity other than white
  • 57.4% live in or near the federal poverty level (based on free and reduced lunch figures)
  • 13.9% are  transitional/bilingual, also known as English Language Learners

Here are more statistics about our community, based on a Federal Mirror article about the cities planning report:

• Almost two-thirds of households in Federal Way moved into their house in the past 10 years

• 48 percent of Federal Way's population is Hispanic or a non-white race, compared to 35 percent in King County and 27 percent in Washington State

• Median household income in Federal Way is $56,980, 15 percent lower than the King County average

• Median family income is $67,120, which is 22 percent lower than the King County average

• 29 percent of households in Federal Way had incomes less than $35,000 annually

• 75 percent of Federal Way workers commute out of the city for their job

• 370 clients were served by CDBG public services in 2011

• 35 percent of households moved into their housing unit in 2005 or later

• 30 percent of Federal Way's population age five and older spoke a language other than English in the home

• 66 percent of Federal Way households are "family" households, compared to 58 percent in King County

• 63 percent of households were husband-wife households, while 37 percent percent were single-parent households

• 11 percent of Federal Way residents age 25 or older do not have a high school diploma

• 11 percent of Federal Way households received Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits in the last year, two percent higher than Washington's average, and five percent higher than King County's average

• 24 percent of the population in Federal Way received Basic Food benefits in the year ending June 2010

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