Efficient, Effective, Ethical


Senator Mark Miloscia has been fighting for efficient, effective, and ethical government since his time auditing Boeing contracts for the Air Force. That’s why the Seattle Times, Business and Labor, and leaders we trust on both sides of the aisle are supporting Mark Miloscia to be our next State Auditor.

Efficient, effective, and ethical government isn’t a partisan issue. It’s a moral one. We have transportation systems that create gridlock and mismanaged homelessness programs that are failing both city neighborhoods and the homeless themselves!

Our local leaders admit they don’t know what homeless programs are working. And Mark’s opponent? She calls our homeless problems a distraction! As State Auditor, Mark Miloscia is going to find out which programs get results and where government is wasting our money.

Vote for Mark Miloscia for State Auditor, because we deserve an efficient, effective, and ethical government that works for everyone.

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