Mark Miloscia - Unquestioned Integrity

 Mark Miloscia served seven terms in the State House, including chair of the Housing Committee and Chair of the Audit Review and Government Oversight Committee where he led efforts to improve government efficiency and accountability.

He also worked as a substitute teacher for both the Federal Way Public Schools and the Seattle Catholic Archdiocese when the Legislature was not in session.

 “The hardworking people in the 30th District deserve a Senator who will work to make government efficient and accountable, from local classrooms to big government agencies,” he said. “I voted against unnecessary tax increases and bloated budgets when I was in the Legislature and will continue to ensure taxpayer money is not wasted."

Miloscia said he wanted to continue to help the local community through service in the Legislature.

“In the Legislature, I helped the homeless, protected taxpayers, initiated performance audits, and worked to address the unfair funding gap Federal Way schools face.”

“Senator Eide and I have very different voting records,” Miloscia said. “I opposed reckless spending and tax increases while Senator Eide supported them. I supported innovative approaches to improving our schools, while Senator Eide opposed them and cut funding.”

“I’ve spent my entire career making government more accountable and improving education. In the Air Force, I audited billion dollar contracts to prevent waste and abuse. I took the same approach to taxpayer dollars while in the legislature. I will not vote to see taxpayer dollars wasted or ineffective programs continued. I worked as a teacher and pushed in the Legislature to improve schools.”

Miloscia will focus his campaign on talking directly one-to-one with voters. 

“I plan to knock on 20,000 doors and meet as many people as I can.  It’s amazing what you learn when you take the time to listen.  Schools, jobs, and public safety are certainly the most important issues for most folks.  I will listen, work exceptionally hard in Olympia, and fight to have a state government that shares our values and goals,” said Miloscia. 

Miloscia, who received over fifty-nine percent of the vote in 2006, 2008, and 2010, said he switched parties only after months of careful consideration.

“The most important thing is to independently represent your district and not to follow orders from the party bosses or special interests,” Miloscia said.  “I would not vote to make it easier to raise taxes when the district voted repeatedly for a two-thirds majority requirement.”


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